Model 74KS - "Cage release" Angle Control Valve

The cage release control valve is a special designed angle control valve that is ideally suited to hydrocracking or hydrotreating applications as well as for energy dispersion and noise control.

It has a multi hole cage disc design with a variety of hole placements in order to achieve accurate flow characteristics and noise attenuation. In hydrotreating applications, hydrogen can be released in an accurate way to downstream users or in an emergency to flare. This is important as hydrogen is a valuable commodity in the refinery and wastage needs to be kept to a minimum.



  • Class VI shut-off (API 598)

  • Linear or Equal % control characteristics

  • Multi hole cage or labyrinth design

  • Available with fast opening actuators, and smart positioners


Angle Control Valve 74KS

Angle Control Valve Model 74KS, Figure:┬ęSchuF


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