Model 29BH - Tank valve with in-lying spring

Model 29BH is a Tank Emergency Shut-off valve for tank bottom installation.

The valve seat is welded into the vessel bottom; the valve disc is detachable from the valve spindle which is outside the tank wall. Under normal operating conditions the valve is held open by air pressure, if the actuator fails the spring inside the vessel closes the valve tighly even if the valve body and spindle outside the tank is damaged.


TESO with in-lying spring

Tank Bottom Outlet Valve - 29BH

 Tank valve for bottom outlet installation with spring - 29BH, Figure: SchuF

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Video gallery
A video showing the operation of a recently-manufactured SchuF powder-sampling Valve is now available-please click the link below, which will take you to the Vimeo video-sharing website. The video will begin automatically. more